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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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Recognising Achievements at Dunfermline Annual Display

Wednesday 12th August 2020

The 3rd Dunfermline overcame the challenges presented by the lockdown and hosted a successful Annual Display with over 50 connections on Zoom and well over 100 in attendance altogether. They used the theme ‘Zooming’ and presented the programme as inflight entertainment with boys conducting videoed flight safety demonstrations with Captain, Malcolm McGregor, their trusty pilot throughout. They presented a series of videos to parents of the highlights of the year and shared videos that the young people had put together. For the awards ceremony they had hand delivered each envelope as a surprise for the boys and, as they read out their individual awards, each boy stood and was presented with their awards by their parents. The boys were delighted with their #BBatHOME medals and the feedback received about the #BBatHOME programme provided by the Company throughout lockdown from the boys themselves, their parents, wider families, Church members and others has been so positive. Importantly, the Company has managed to keep the boys engaged and supported throughout the lockdown and are confident of being able to deliver a similar standard of programme into the next session as required.

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