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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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Project: SAS – Who Dares Wins

Wednesday 7th March 2018


  • To go out of your comfort zone – Survive for 24-hours, undertake team challenges with no outside support.

SAS-Who Dares Wins is a reality TV series in which contestants are put through a SAS selection process by ex-special forces. Participants are put through a series of enduring tasks in a range of challenging environments. Perhaps you could use some of the concepts in the programme to go out of your comfort zone, develop a strong team, leadership skills and gain outdoor survival skills.

Each member of the team should take up one of the following areas and skill up over several weeks prior to the event in order to inform and support others in the group:

  • Map work
  • First Aid
  • Camp craft
  • Bush Craft
  • Wild cooking

(Look at Challenge Plus section R7 for more information)

Ask someone not on your trip (leader) to devise a scenario, e.g. you have crash landed your helicopter and need to get to a certain point by a certain time without being captured.

Ensure that you have included a suitable location to camp overnight.

Devise some of your own challenges, e.g. making a fire without matches in 2 minutes; build a temporary shelter using a bivouac within 5 minutes.


  • Expedition equipment


  • Ensure risk assessments are carried out for all activities and that BB regulations for overnight stays and expeditions are followed with appropriate supervision by leaders.
  • The group needs to comfortable and familiar with the equipment they are using.

Going further

  • Capture the experience using a GoPro or phone camera.
  • Test yourself against another team.
  • Develop skills further as part of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

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