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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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OBM Developments

Wednesday 22nd May 2019

New Parent Portal Live

The new Parent Portal is now live and thousands of parents have started using it!

From a leader’s perspective – nothing changes, except you’ll notice My.BB is now referred to as the ‘Parent Portal’. From a parent’s perspective – they have to create an account as a one-off process before they can login. This is explained to them when they click a link.

This change brings My.BB into OBM and improves the user experience for parents/carers. If you aren’t using the Parent Portal, you can find out about it in Help – Tutorial Videos.

Screen Reader Friendly

We’ve made the OBM system screen-reader friendly, and have added keyboard shortcuts to make it quicker to navigate. Screen-readers are a form of assistive technology essential for visually impaired people that read out what is shown on the screen. Becoming screen-reader friendly means we can help visually impaired users use our system. Our new keyboard shortcuts will also help users that prefer using the keyboard over a mouse.

You can login and go to Settings – My Account Details – Site Preferences to find out more.

Officer-in Charge Role

We’ve carried out a clean-up to ensure that Companies only have one Officer-in-charge per age group. Unfortunately, due to a bug which we had not found previously it was possible for a Company to have more than one Officer-in-Charge. This has now been fixed and will no longer allow more than one Leader to have the role. It is important for Companies to have the correct Leaders as OIC of each section, particularly as that will be the individual that receives the Anchors and Juniors Programme resources. Where there is no OIC for a section the resources will be sent to the Company Captain. Should you have any questions about these or using OBM please use the Help function or contact the Support Team on 01442 231681 (option 4).

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