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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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Ken Bruce

Friday 17th February 2017

In October our Make a Difference Award winners were at Radio 2 to go on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show. When fellow Radio 2 DJ, Ken Bruce heard that The Boys’ Brigade was in the building he sent out a request for the group to come and say hello.

We joined Ken in his studio during his daily show, and he spoke with the award winners about his time in BB and congratulated the guys on their achievements. In this issue we interview Ken and find out more about his BB experience and where life has taken him since then…

Even when I was in the BB, I was interested in radio and used to act as narrator for our Annual Inspection and Display!

Tell us about your BB experience – how did you get involved…

When I was 9, I joined the Life Boys, (as they were called then) of the 254th Glasgow Company. My brother had gone through the Life Boys and was in the main BB Company, and it just seemed natural that I would follow in the same path.

Is there a memory from your time in BB which stands out?

I really enjoyed the Annual camp, when we would go off to a field somewhere in the Highlands for two weeks sleeping in leaking bell tents! It did rain quite a bit, but I had a fantastic time with my friends.

Where has life taken you since being a member in The Boys’ Brigade?

Even when I was in the BB, I was interested in radio and used to act as narrator for our Annual Inspection and Display! I started in radio not long after I left and I’ve managed to stay in the same business for quite a while now, so I think I might carry on.

What part of your current job do you enjoy the most?

The fact that it changes every day and never stops being fun. If it ever does, I’ll have to give up.

You’ve been in radio for a good number of years, who has been your favourite guest?

Well my favourite moment probably has to be when Gary Barlow and Holly Johnson were on the show for an interview and as it was my birthday, they both sang Happy Birthday to me.

What impact has The Boys’ Brigade had in your life?

The BB gave me a strong grounding in values. I can’t say I’ve always done everything as well as I could but at least it gave us all aims to strive for.

What do you know of the BB today, what recent encounters have you had?

Other than meeting the award winners in the studio back in October, I’m afraid my links to the BB have diminished over the years. But my old Company has had some reunions in recent years and I was able to attend one and meet a lot of friends I hadn’t seen in many years. It was a lovely occasion.

What message do you have for our 12,012 volunteers who give up their time week in week out working with children & young people in their community through the BB?

It’s a great organisation and, even though you might not always feel it at the time, you are making a difference and setting youngsters out on the right road in life. Keep up the great work!

You can follow Ken Bruce on Twitter and Instagram @RealKenBruce

ken bruce

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