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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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Introducing the Clubs

Thursday 27th July 2017

In this issue, we share something about each of the clubs that operate within the Brigade. The clubs offer a range of different opportunities for young people and leaders to get involved with and we encourage you to consider how they could support your Company programme.

Rowing Club

The Rowing Club has recently been established to introduce and support the sport of Rowing in the Brigade. It is hoped that it will be possible to establish a permanent base in the Henley area, to provide facilities for training and activities. Debbie Flood (Double Olympic Gold) has agreed to become Patron and there are a growing number of people getting involved in this new club.

Find out more at www.bbrowingclub.org.uk or email row@bbrowingclub.org.uk

Heritage Society

In 1982, Muriel Ellis, the former Brigade Archivist, started The Boys’ Brigade Badge Collectors’ Newsletter. Gradually a Collectors’ Club was developed, for those interested in Brigade memorabilia and history. By January 2016 it became apparent that, rather than simply collecting items, people were more interested in the rich, valuable heritage of the Brigade, preserving our irreplaceable historical material, and learning lessons from the past, to inform the present work of the BB and to help shape its future. Accordingly, The Boys’ Brigade Heritage Society was formed.

There are now over a hundred members around the world with extensive and wide-ranging expertise, and huge experience of the work of the BB. We actively engage in research, digitising and preserving records and documents, producing articles for magazines, and providing answers to questions posed by individuals and institutions. We attempt to locate and preserve material relevant to our heritage, and which can be used for future generations. We hold auctions of memorabilia, with proceeds donated to charity, and significant amounts have been raised as a result.

The Society puts on displays and presentations, thereby raising the profile of the Brigade and informing others of our work. We design anniversary badges for Companies, and secure their production, this being a means of fundraising for the Companies. We can provide help and advice to individuals, Companies or Battalions with preserving, cataloguing and digitising their records.

Members receive a quarterly newsletter and have an annual members’ badge. New members are always welcome. For more information Contact Colin Swinton at ctkswinton@gmail.com.

Find out more at heritagesociety.boys-brigade.org.uk

Canoe Club

The Boys Brigade Canoe Club exists to promote the sport of canoeing within the BB and opportunities including training courses, trips and residentials. We are here to provide advice, training and paddling opportunities for both BB leaders and young people.

Many of the BB leaders in the club are qualified British Canoe Union Coaches with a lot of experience who are happy to share their skills and enthusiasm with others. Membership is free to anyone in the BB who is interested in adding canoeing and kayaking to their programme.

Every year we run two or three training weekends in a variety of locations and are happy to organise one near you if there is demand. Last year we ran a weekend in Kent, two in North Wales, a fun weekend in Herefordshire and a paddling weekend in the Lake District. Our qualified coaches have also run sessions for Companies at camps around the country.

Our activities range from white water trips, to lake paddling, canal trips, fun days and safety and rescue courses. Training courses are always individually tailored to those who attend be they first timers or old sea dogs!

Find out more at boysbrigadecanoeclub.co.uk or email secretary@boysbrigadecanoeclub.co.uk

Mountaineering Club

The BBMC is a club of BB associated young people, leaders and ex-members who enjoy and experience the mountains together. We have an annual programme of meets with training and assessment courses in various mountain and moorland locations. Membership can be as an individual, a Company or a Battalion.

Founded in 1965 by Ted Ward of 2nd Runcorn Company, it was his idea to create a club that challenged young people to take part in the adventure sport of mountaineering. The club has qualified leaders in both mountain walking, lightweight camping and rock climbing and all these aspects of mountaineering are available to its members. Training and assessment courses are available for anyone wishing to gain the Brigade’s Expedition and Outdoor Leadership Certificate; this can be by attendance at any of our annual training courses or by making use of our ‘On Demand’ courses at a time and location to suit the needs of your Company or Battalion. We are able to help train young people for the expedition part of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (particularly at Gold level in wild country) and provide D of E assessors for expeditions (particularly in wild country) for which we have not been otherwise involved.

The club’s aim is to help any Company, in whatever way it wishes, to challenge its members in any aspect of mountaineering; be that by leader training or first-hand contact with its members.

Find out more at bbmc.boys-brigade.org.uk including full list of events and training opportunities.

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