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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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Getting outdoor adventure into your programme – 50 ways to be adventurous!

Wednesday 26th July 2017

How adventurous is your programme? Have you considered adding more outdoor adventure into your programme, to provide fresh challenges and new experiences to the children and young people in your Company?

We have put together a list of 50 ways to get outdoors and adventurous…

1. Go on a bug hunt

2. Go camping

4. Try roasting marshmallows over a fire

5. Go on a picnic

6. Go bird watching

7. Go for a bike ride

8. Dam a stream

9. Build a shelter

10. Try star gazing or learn a constellation

11. Visit a waterfall

12. Go pond dipping

13. Build twig rafts (and race down a river/stream)

14. Play in the snow (build a snowman)

15. Go on a treasure hunt

16. Go orienteering

17. Go kayaking/canoeing

18. Go on an expedition

19. Cook over an open fire

20. Walk along a canal

21. Build mud castles or sculptures

22. Try out map reading

23. Go coasteering / rock scrambling

24. Try star gazing or learn a constellation

25. Sleep under the stars (bivvy bag or shelter)

26. Go fishing

27. Roll down a hill/slope

28. Go crabbing

29. Try skimming stones on water

“We are blessed with plenty of countryside within walking distance of the halls. We do simple tracking, bushcraft, den building, bug hunting, wide games, leaf gathering, water games as well as outside games like quick cricket.”

Nev Keating, 1st & 3rd Wallingford

30. Go sailing

31. Try out bark rubbing

32. Go on a coastal walk along the beach or clifftop

33. Go Geocaching

34. Go swimming in sea/river/lake

35. Go on a night/welly walk

36. Climb a tree

37. Visit a farm

38. Track an animal

39. Play Hide & Seek

40. Build sand castles or sculptures

41. Create and try out a blindfold rope trail

42. Go raft building

43. Have a water fight

44. Plant a tree or flowers

45. Feed a farm animal

46. Spend some time at Playground

47. Climb to the top of a hill

48. Get creative with leaves

49. Go on a scavenger hunt

50. Go caving or explore a cave

Well that’s a list of 50 activities, but there are many more out there that you could include in your programme, for additional ideas check out woodlandtrust.org.uk and nationaltrust.org.uk who have some fantastic programme ideas and resources.

All Year Adventure

These are just some ideas to get you started, it may at first seem that the majority of these activities would be done in the summer, but many could be done all year round. So consider how you can get outdoors and adventurous throughout the session and don’t limit it to just the summer months.

Safety First

Remember, with all activities it is important that you carry out a risk assessment, having considered all the risks and what you are going to put in place to minimise any identified risks. It is essential that whilst participating in the activity you are continually assessing risk and any changes. When going out and about you should ensure you have access to; consent forms and medical information, emergency phone and a first aid kit.

Share your adventure

Let us know what you get up to in your Company, by sharing using #bbadventure on social media or send your photos and captions to gazette@boys-brigade.org.uk.

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