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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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Getting Into The Bible: Filled with God’s Love

Tuesday 9th August 2016

You will need a supply of M&M’s (the chocolate ones) for this object lesson. Ask the children if they like chocolate, you should get a positive response. Next show them the chocolate you have purchased, and ask them how we are all similar to M&M’s and see what they come up with.

Explain that just as M&Ms, we are all different on the outside, the sweets have their different colours, we have different colour hair and other characteristics to each other too. God has created us each unique and different.

Like an M&M, although we may all look different, we are all created to be filled. M&Ms are filled with chocolate – yum! We are made to be filled with God’s love – even better! Without the chocolate an M&M is just a fragile shell with really no taste. Even so, we, without God’s love, are fragile and empty too.

To finish, say that because of how M&Ms are made, they are easily shared with others. God’s love is made to be shared too, through sharing the Gospel – the Good News of Jesus Christ!

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