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Get Creative: Podcasting

Thursday 23rd May 2019

Podcasting is an easy way of creating a radio programme which can be shared, potentially, with a worldwide audience. It can be done relatively easily with a mobile device and some fairly cheap (or even free!) software. You do not need to have a connection to the internet whilst recording.

What’s more, podcasting can be a really effective and engaging way to develop young people’s communication skills – and also spread the word about what your company is up to.


To get young people to perform & record their Items with confidence and to publish the podcast In order that It can be downloaded & feedback received.

What you’ll need:

  • Paper and pens for notes/planning
  • Mobile device capable of recording audio
  • External mic (optional)
  • Free podcasting software, such as AnchorFM or Soundcloud
  • Musical instruments being used for any performances (optional)
  • Quiet(ish) space to make your recordings


The chances are the young people will know what a podcast is, but not all of them will. A podcast is a radio programme which is available on online platforms such as Spotify and Google Podcasts. People choose their own time to listen to the podcast. A podcast might have regular editions or it may be a one-off.

Have a quick discussion about what makes a good radio show, in the young people’s opinions. Points you might cover:

Variety — a mixture of content

Regular features to which people tune in


Presenters who are lively, engaging

Good stories

Discuss what kind of items you could include in your show(s). You might have some regular features (such as news, sports/competitions/church updates) and some one-off performances. Some items you could include, if there is a shortage of suggestions:

Computer games, sport, music

News – and even news about BB

Comedy sketches


‘Human interest’ stories – remarkable achievements, helping others, etc.

Once you have a list of ideas, allocate the jobs (pairs work well) and ask them to begin brainstorming what they’re going to do. If some young people are unsure about what to do, they could be the ‘continuity” guys who MC the programme and introduce each item/act.

Remind the young people that what they’re producing will be public so it’s important the people’s privacy is respected and that they are good ambassadors for the BB and their company. Encourage all the young people to contribute in some way. There will be some who are shy about recording their voice or performing, but they can contribute by helping to write the script.

Aim for a podcast which is about 8-10 minutes long, or shorter if you only have a few young people. Their items are not likely to last more than about 1 minute each.

Recording and Publishing the Podcast

Once ideas are formed and scripts are written, it’s time to begin the recording!

In a quiet space, groups can record their segments onto a mobile device. (most have audio recorders, but if not, there are plenty apps to choose from)

Remember to have a good introduction and ending and give out a ‘call to action’ at the end. This might be something simple, like ‘Please visit our Facebook page at…”

Apps with built-in recording and editing tools:

The likes of AnchorFM and SoundCloud Pulse apps allow you to record, upload, edit and publish your audio files.

Upload/record sound effect files into the podcasting software if these are needed

Edit the audio using an app or software such as ‘Audacity’

Publish your podcast and spread the word!

Going further

The skills used here can be really effective in preparing young people for the likes of job or university interviews. You could also use it to interview someone well-known like your local MP. Why not do a regular podcast telling the ‘journey’ towards DofE Award or Queen’s Badge?

Safety Issues / Risk Assessment

Make sure that you are happy with the recordings before they are published and that no personal details are being shared and all content is appropriate.

Check with parents/carers that they do not object to the young people’s voices being available online. You can choose whether to make the podcast publicly available or not, but it is best to check with parents/carers.

Did You Know?

The Boys’ Brigade has its very own Podcast channel with terrific stories from leaders and young people who share their experiences of BB. Check it out at boys-brigade.org.uk/media/podcasts

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