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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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Get Adventurous: Water Fun

Wednesday 22nd May 2019

Water Balloon Throw

Split the group into teams, you can then either play this game one team at a time or run with multiple teams at the same time. You will need to create a wall which could be achieved with a tarpaulin or blanket tied between two poles, this is so that the players on each side cannot see the others. One side are the throwers and the other the catchers. The throwers throw the water balloons over tarpaulin and the catchers attempt to catch them in buckets. This is a timed activity and the team that collects the most water is the winner. Where playing with multiple teams mark out a playing area on each side for each team or create more than one wall.

Holey Bucket

Split the group into teams. For this game you will need bucket that has several holes drilled in it and a larger bucket/tub full of water that they can fill the holey bucket from. The idea of this game is to fill the bucket and move it through an obstacle course and pour into an empty bucket at the end. The amount of water transferred at the end of the game determines the winner. This can be done as a relay or individually and team members are encouraged to try to cover the holes as they manoeuvre the course. You could do this one team at a time or have multiple teams taking part at the same time.

Wet Sponge Challenge

Split the group into teams of 4. The object of the game is to transfer as much water as possible from one bucket at the start line using a sponge that is thrown from player to player down the line and squeezed out into the bucket at the finish line.

Teams have a specified amount of time to carry out the activity (suggest 2 or 3 minutes). Players should ideally be 3 to 5 metres apart.

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