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Get Active: Spud!

Friday 17th February 2017

How it works…

All you need to play this game is a ball (lightweight) and a centre spot or marker cone. Each player is then given a number (ie. 1 to 12). Nominate a player to start the game, this player throws the ball from the centre spot as high as they can and calls out a number. The player whose number is called catches the ball as the rest of the players run away as fast as possible. Once the player catches the ball, they call “Spud!” at which time all retreating players are to stop and stand still.

The player with the ball then attempts to hit another player with the ball (below the shoulders). The other players are still not allowed to move, if they move when the ball is thrown at them they get a “Spud!” and they must now collect the ball. If a player is hit they must collect the ball and are given a “Spud!”. If the player is missed, the throwing player chases after the ball and gets a “Spud!”. Once the ball is collected, the game begins again, with the number called and the ball thrown from the centre spot. The player with the least number of spuds at the end of the game wins.


You could add in some variations to make the game easier or harder:

  • The player with the ball is allowed to take two long steps so that they can get as close to the nearest player as possible.
  • The player that the ball is being thrown at is allowed to twist and bend, but may not move their feet.
Get Active: Spud!

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