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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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Get Active: Number Scrambler

Thursday 3rd January 2019

This game is a battle between two teams (although you could have more teams if you have larger numbers) to swap the seats the fastest!

Set Up
To play you will need to setup a grid of chairs (i.e. 4 x 4 grid = 16 chairs for 16 players). You will then need to split the teams evenly and number each team from one upwards.

Players should sit on a chair in the grid, but not be sitting next to a player on their own team. The number the player is assigned will be their number for the entire game, no matter where they sit.

A Leader calls out two numbers and the young people must switch seats with the other number on their team (i.e. if you call 3 and 4, number 3 switches seats with number 4 on the same team, at the same time the other team are also switching, so by calling two numbers, four players will be active and moving). The team that switches fastest gets a point.

The winning team is the team to reach 10 points first, but you could set that at any number that works for you based on the time you have to play the game. You could try calling more than two numbers at a time, or even call all numbers.

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