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Get Active: Million Pound Drop

Tuesday 14th November 2017

Want to test your young people’s intelligence? Then why not try out Channel 4’s ‘Million Pound Drop’ game show? This game is also great at bringing our teamwork and leadership skills, as the young people discuss and decide which answer(s) they are going to put their money on.


Before the session, you will need to prepare some questions. You can find quiz questions ready to download online or use questions from a board game or similar you might have in the cupboard. You should also have 4 sheets of red paper or trays where the money will be placed based on the answer they select, it could help to labels these A, B, C, D so you can then give those options as the answers to the questions.

The format of the game is based on:

  • 8 rounds
  • Each round has two topics of questions to choose from
  • First four rounds have 4 answers to choose from
  • Next three rounds have 3 answers to choose from
  • The final round has only two answers to choose from.

To help understand the gameshow format you could watch a clip on YouTube, you will also find detailed guidance on the rules and format online by just searching ‘Million Pound Drop’.

Split your young people into teams and give each team 100 counters. This can be pennies, plastic coins, buttons or whatever you can get your hands on. Once a question is asked, each team has 60 seconds to place their counters on a drop zone, with each drop zone representing an answer to the question (i.e. A, B, C or D). Each team can place counters on one or more drop zones, but must leave at least one zone empty. The three incorrect answers will then drop. Any counters which fall are then lost for the rest of the game. Carry on through the rounds, if a team loses all of their counters then they are out of the game. The winning team will be the ones with the most counters at the end of the game.

Shared by Joe Harrison, 11th Northampton

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