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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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Get Active: Magic Carpet

Wednesday 21st August 2019

You’re flying on a magic carpet, when you realise it’s upside down. Can you flip it over without anyone falling off? For this activity you will need a sheet, tarpaulin, or blanket (big enough for around six payers to stand on) for each team. Get the young people into teams of upto six, and give each team a sheet which is their magic carpet.

Each team should get into a space and lay out their magic carpet. Once their carpet is ready, the team should jump aboard and get ready to go. Teams need to work together to flip their magic carpet over, so that the side facing the floor faces the sky. No one can step off the carpet, as they’re already in the air.

How well did they do? Teamwork will have been key to completing this challenge successfully. After the activity has come to an end spend some time talking about what happened, you could ask the following questions:

– Did you work well as a team?

– What happened when there was a disagreement?

– Did anyone take the lead?

– Did you solve it first time or did you have to try different things?

– Did anyone take the lead?

– What was the most difficult thing?

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