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Get Active: Empires

Wednesday 3rd February 2016

Empires is a great game that is fun and extremely competitive, requiring very little equipment. Ideal for 8 or more players in a group. The aim of the game is to create the biggest Empire.

To start, the organiser gives out small bits of paper and pens, and the group picks a topic. Good topics to start with are ‘famous people’ or ‘animals’, but see what they come up with! Each person (including organiser) writes the name of eg: animal. Fold over and hand to organiser. Do not reveal your identity.

Organiser puts quickly into a pile and reads the names out, telling people that they will need to remember as many as possible. Read them one more time and then put them out of sight.

The rules of empires are: One person starts and can ask anyone in the room if they are X (eg: Hedgehog). If they are not then that person who was asked then has a go. They ask anyone in the room if they are something from the list. If you guess right (and they must be honest and say yes) then the person who has been guessed goes and sits with the person who guessed right and has become part of their ‘empire’. They get another go and can consult with each other, but the leader of the empire is the spokesperson. In this way small empires build around the room. If you guess the leader of an empire then you win over the leader and their empire – so be prepared for some moving around the room. The winner is the person who ends up with everyone!

It does not matter if you end up with two Margaret Thatchers or Hedgehogs. The group will just need to remember that there are more out there to guess.

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