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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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Get Active: On the Bus

Wednesday 7th March 2018

Set out a chair for each child and arrange them in short rows, with an aisle running down the middle (like the layout of a bus). Use one extra chair as a seat for the ‘driver’. Position two other chairs with a space between them to act as the doors.

To play the game tell the children that they are only allowed on and off the bus through the doors. Ask everybody to take a seat on the bus. A Leader shouts, ‘Off the bus!’ and the children get up from their chairs and run through the doors. They run around the bus until a Leader shouts ‘On the bus!’ The children must then go back through the doors and find a seat. Take one chair away each time. The child who does not find a chair is out, continue the game until you end up with one chair and a winner.

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