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Get Active: Alphabet Game

Wednesday 22nd May 2019


In preparation for this game you will need a set of A – Z letters, with each letter on a small piece of paper for each team. It would be ideal to have a different colour for each set of letters so you can easily keep track of each teams’ letters. You will also need a set of questions, which the Leader should put together beforehand.


Split the children into teams and setup a table with chairs for each team. Locate the teams sitting at their tables at one end of your meeting space and the Leader running the game and asking the questions should be at the other end. The alphabet letters for each team should be placed randomly on the team’s table. The Leader asks the questions and each team must select a letter of the alphabet and run to the Leader at the other end and give an answer which starts with letter in their hand, the answer must be acceptable based on the question. The first team to get to the Leader and provide an acceptable answer wins that point. Ensure all members of the team have a go, you could go through multiple times. Stop the game at an appropriate point and see which team has the most correct answers.

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