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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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Get Active: 1 Knee, 2 Knee

Tuesday 9th August 2016

Ask the children to stand in a circle and have a leader stand in the centre with a ball. The leader throws the ball to the children and they should catch and throw the ball back to the leader, who will then throw it to a different child. If a child doesn’t catch the ball then they should go down on 1 Knee and continue playing the game while on 1 Knee. If they catch the ball on their next go they can stand up again, but if they miss the ball while on 1 Knee they should go down onto 2 Knees. If a child catches the ball while on 2 Knees they move to 1 Knee and so on, however, if they miss the ball on 2 Knees they are out of the game.

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