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FA Guidance on Heading

Monday 27th April 2020

The Football Association has introduced new guidance on the use of heading in training sessions.

The updated heading guidance, introduced with immediate effect, provides grassroots clubs, coaches, players and parents/ carers with the recommended heading guidance for training sessions only. The guidance does not make any changes to the way matches are played.

Leaders should be aware of the updated guidance and as with all sports follow guidance issued by the relevant governing body.

Find more details on The FA website at: bit.ly/2TUj7gO

The updated heading guidance includes:

  • Heading guidance in training for all age groups under 18 years.
  • No heading in training for Under 11’s.
  • Graduated approach to heading training for children aged 12+.
  • Required ball sizes and types of balls used for training and matches for each age group.
  • No changes to heading in matches, taking into consideration the limited number of headers in youth games.


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