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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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David Blevins

Tuesday 26th January 2016

The recently appointed President of BB Northern Ireland, David Blevins, takes a moment from his busy schedule to talk with the Gazette.

What’s your own BB story? And, is there a particular BB memory which stands out?

Having joined The Robins (Anchor Boys) of 6th Portadown Company (Epworth Methodist) in 1975, I spent 30 years in The Boys’ Brigade, progressing to the rank of Company Captain (1994-2004) and Portadown Battalion President (2000-2004). Many of my memories are from camp, but none more than summer 1992 when two boys in my company saved the life of an officer who had fallen ill. That officer has been my wife for 21 years!

You’ve just begun the role of President of BBNI. What do you think are the main challenges facing BB in Northern Ireland?

It is too soon to know! The demands of work took me away from BB for 10 years so I have asked the Northern Ireland District to give me some time to listen and to learn. Whatever the challenges, I’m confident we will meet them together with God’s help.

What makes you excited about the future for the BB in NI and also further afield?

There are 16,000 members and 2,600 officers in The Boys’ Brigade in Northern Ireland. Together, we have the capacity to make an enormously positive contribution to the society in which we live. The world has never had more need of young men with true Christian values.

You’re well known for your day job as journalist for Sky News. What advice would you offer to BB young people considering a similar career?

Don’t choose journalism for celebrity status. Choose it because you have a passion for the truth. In recent years, journalism has had a bad press (excuse the pun). Come help us redeem it by gathering the news ethically and reporting it with integrity.

Having reported on major events, and interviewed world leaders, where does becoming President of BBNI fit in amongst your many achievements?

The two things are different. To have interviewed Presidents and Prime Ministers is considered a professional achievement. To have been elected President of BBNI is a personal honour. Suffice to say God’s kingdom matters much more to me than earthly kingdoms.

Away from work and BB, what do you like to do to recharge the batteries?

There’s time outside of work and BB? No one told me! I’d do more walking, reading and watching rugby… watching Ireland win the Six Nations to be precise!

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