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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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Christian Aid Collective

Wednesday 7th May 2014

Katie Allan, from The Christian Aid Collective shares with us the resources and support they can offer and how they can help us engage with the young people in our Companies.

Shout out against injustice with the Christian Aid Collective

The Christian Aid Collective is a movement of young people desperate to create a different world. A world without poverty and injustice, a world where everyone has what they need to live life in all its fullness. As a Collective of people from all over the UK and Ireland we’re keen to wrestle with the big issues surrounding global poverty; driven to inspire mutual learning, collective passion and joint action in solidarity with the world’s poor. We believe together we can be the generation that ends poverty. We want to resource, inspire and motivate you to join us.

“Katie’s contagious enthusiasm and choice of subject matter to introduce the boys to the Christian Aid Collective and their work led to an excellent night. The subjects were relevant to the age groups with the content set at an appropriate level from the youngest through to our oldest Seniors. We will certainly follow up for another night this session and we are also starting to utilise the resources they have on their website.” Willie Campbell, Captain, 1st Stewarton

Meet our Collective Representatives

If you are looking for someone to come and run a session or talk, need some resources for an event or just need some support and information then get in touch with our regional Collective Reps who are based all over the UK and would love for you to get in touch.

Get in touch with a rep at: christianaidcollective.org/our-team

Our rep in the Republic of Ireland would really like to hear from BB Companies: mbriggs@christian-aid.org

Some ideas on how you can get involved…


The CA Collective is passionate about using our talents, our time and our energy to bring an end to global poverty. We are also equally passionate about discovering and nurturing the talents of young people to bring about change. Talenton is a fun way for youth leaders to introduce and inspire young people to use their talents to make a difference for people around the world living in poverty. We want you to turn £5 into £50 using your talent and entrepreneurial skills. Get in touch with us for more information.

Same Table

We believe that amazing things happen when people sit down and eat together. Taking our lead from Jesus, we want to build a community of people that get together to eat, act and pray. We think sharing food is about building community and we believe community can change the world. So gather your young people together for dinner and make use of the handy discussion guides available to download at: christianaidcollective.org/about-eat-act-pray


Hold a Christian Aid QuizAid event in your local hall, church or home – Put your thinking caps on and help some of the world’s poorest communities out of poverty.

Check out our helpful guide on how to organise and run a successful event at: christianaidcollective.org/resources/quizaid

Sofa sessions

A great tool to get people thinking, debating and ultimately taking action to change our world on some really tough development issues. Topics include Conflict, education, gender, trade, HIV/AIDS, Climate change.

Check out the resource section on our website for some great ideas to get you going at: christianaidcollective.org/resources

If you have any questions then get in touch at: collective@christian-aid.org

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