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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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#BBatHOME in Scotland

Wednesday 12th August 2020

We are frequently impressed by what our leaders in Scotland achieve over the course of a typical year. The past few months, however, have been far from typical. They have been challenging and they have been difficult. The response from leaders in Scotland, however, has been heart-warming and inspiring.

Professor Jason Leitch CBE (Scotland’s National Clinical Director and former member of 6th Airdrie Company) recently took time to record a message of thanks to the entire BB community for the role it has played throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. That message of thanks is echoed by each and every member of the team at SHQ. Thank you.

The Boys’ Brigade and other youth and community groups are so important at this time of lockdown for all of us. Thank you for all you’re doing in the whole BB community.

Jason Leitch CBE


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