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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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A disney adventure

Thursday 3rd January 2019

Turn your section into a Disney film set with these themed ideas:

  1. Dumbo’s Bubble Blower

Dumbo is known as the flying elephant but also loves showing off his bubble-making skills. This great craft will get children making their own bubble blowers from recycled bottles and having lots of fun.


  • Plastic drinks bottles (cleaned with labels removed)
  • PVC/Duct Tape, in assorted colours
  • Self-adhesive craft foam shapes & Stickers
  • Colouring Pens
  • Tray
  • Bubble solution
  • Scissors


Beforehand a Leader will need to draw a line around the bottle 10 to 15cm below the top (mouth) of the bottle and cut around. Discard the bottom of the bottle.


Decorate the top half of the bottle using tape, shapes etc. An idea would be to use yellow and red tape to make a “Big Top” blower that looks just like a circus tent (linking to the Dumbo movie). Self-adhesive craft foam circles and other stickers could also be added to decorate.

Try it Out

Now it’s time to blow bubbles! Pour bubble solution into a shallow tray (a baking tray or similar) and dip the cut-end of the bottle into the bubble solution. The children can then make bubbles by blowing gently through the mouth of the bottle. You might want to do this outside, or ensure its in a suitable space.

2. Finding Nemo

Place a toy (or picture) of Nemo, somewhere in your church building and let the children find him. You could also add some sweet treats around as well so that everyone has the opportunity to find something.

3. Character Call

Print out pictures of Disney characters and put them up around your meeting space before the children arrive. A leader calls out a character’s name and the children should run to stand in front of that character. The last to reach the correct character is out. You could give some clues if necessary. Having the pictures up around the meeting place will also help set the theme for the evening.

4. On at the Cinema

Place the names of four familiar Disney films, one in each corner of your meeting space. Children walk or run around until a leader calls out ‘Film Time’. Children then choose a film to watch by going to stand in that corner (or space). Without looking, the leader shouts out, “You’ve missed the film if you went to see ********. The children in the corner with that film are out. The game continues until there is one winner.

5. Get into the Bible

Finding Nemo is a story of a fish, Nemo, who is captured, and his father’s journey against incredible odds to save him. This film illustrates a love of a father for his son, and can be used to illustrate God’s love for his children. Pick out a clip which shows Nemo leaving his father, and his father’s worry and concern, ultimately love for Nemo even though he has defied him. Keep the message simple for this age group and focus on the fact that God loves us no matter what we do, and he wants us to love him too.

6. Activity Sheets & Other Ideas

Check a range of ideas for all your favourite movies including activity sheets, word searches and crafts at family.disney.com. Some good ones to search for include ‘Finding Nemo Activity Page’, ‘Jungle Book Activity Page’ and ‘Lion King Word Search’.

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