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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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35th Liverpool Go Virtual

Wednesday 12th August 2020

Seeing other Companies running Virtual Sessions encouraged 35th Liverpool to give it a go locally, and the Company is now running 7 weekly sessions, engaging with over 70 children and young people.

They have used a variety of games and activities including those provided in the #BBatHOME material and have had fantastic feedback from parents/carers, with one commenting: “It really does my son good to see all of you, thanks so much for what you’re doing”. The children and young people themselves have valued the opportunity to engage with BB, albeit virtually.

The leaders didn’t stop engaging with families when lockdown began but delivering Virtual Sessions has improved engagement massively. It has provided them with the chance to speak to their young people each week, it has prompted more communication to and from parents/carers, and it has given them the opportunity to reward members for their participation, whether with certificates or simply a thank you card and some sweets.

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