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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary



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Trustees’ Week

Tuesday 2nd November 2021

This week (1st to 5th November) is Trustees’ Week – an annual celebration of the role of trustees, celebrating and all their hard work they for organisations across the country.

The Boys’ Brigade’s trustees are known as the ‘Brigade Executive’, which is made up of elected representatives from the five ‘regions’ of BB UK & RoI – England, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

We asked Michael MacAulay, who is from Inverness and is one of our newer trustees, about the role:

How long have you been part of The Boys’ Brigade?
I have been part of the Brigade since I was 5 years old, joining the Brigade Executive in September last year.

What’s it like being a trustee and what are the main issues you deal with?
Being a trustee is incredibly interesting and eye-opening. We deal with a variety of issues including reviewing Brigade policies and making key decisions around the running of the organisation.

What have you learnt since becoming a trustee?
I have learnt how big an organisation the Brigade is and how much amazing work goes on across the UK and RoI.

What was it like attending your first face-to-face Brigade Executive meeting recently?
It was great to attend my first face-to-face meeting, as all my meetings previously had been virtual. So, it was nice to get to know my fellow trustees a bit better. I think it’s good that we have agreed that one of our meetings each year will be face-to-face while the rest will be virtual.

We are greatly appreciative of all our trustees and thank them for the continuous hard work and effort they put in to help make The Boys’ Brigade even better. You can find out more about our trustees at boys-brigade.org.uk/our-trustees


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