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Course Notification

Pre-Course Notification

From 1st January 2022 ALL BB training courses MUST be notified to BB Headquarters at least 28 days in advance of the course taking place. This will enable BB Headquarters and the Leader Development Group (LDG) to monitor training opportunities across the Brigade and also enable courses to be added to the list of training opportunities available on our website at boys-brigade.org.uk/events/.

Click here to complete the Pre-Course Notification Form

Post-Course Notification

Following completion of a course the LDT or Course Organiser MUST submit the ‘Post-Course Notification’ Form within 7 days. This captures attendance and will enable BB Headquarters to update the training records for all leaders that completed the course. The form will also capture details of Leader Development Trainers who have delivered the course which will enable the LDG to maintain a record of training that LDT’s have delivered.

Once the notification has been received by BB Headquarters training records will usually be updated within 14 days.

Click here to complete the Post-Course Notification Form

Any Questions?

If you have any questions please send an email to leaderdevelopment@boys-brigade.org.uk