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To the Brave, Dedicated and Strong – We Salute You

Thursday 9th April 2020

Boys’ Brigade leaders are incredible people. We already knew this. Our volunteer leaders do incredible things all the time – giving of their time and talents week in, week out to support young people to learn, grow and discover. 

We know there are many Boys’ Brigade leaders who are playing vital roles in our country as Key Workers. We would like to say a big thank you to them and to all other Key Workers across the country – we salute you.

We salute your bravery and the way in which you are tirelessly working to keep our country moving during this difficult time.

We salute your dedication – dedication which we see when you work with young people every week, and which is now directed in a national effort.

We salute your strength. Continuing to go out to work at a time when your family probably needs you more than ever is not easy; we wish that you and your loved ones continue to stay strong.

To the brave, dedicated and strong – we salute you.

We have been lucky enough to receive messages from some of our Key Workers this week. If you’re also a Key Worker and want to share with us what you’re doing, please get in touch with us at BBatHOME@boys-brigade.org.uk

Kirsty & Karen

Kirsty (left) and her mum Karen (right) are both leaders at 1st Monifieth and work for the NHS. Kirsty works in the community pharmacies in Monifieth, and Karen works as a pharmacist across Tayside. Thank you to both of your for the outstanding work you’re doing!

Jordan (left) and Fraser (right) are leaders at 1st Cumbernauld. Jordan continues his important work as an Optometrist and is keeping the vision of the country on the right track, and Fraser has been incredibly busy working in Iceland to make sure people continue to have access to food. We salute you both!


Kris is a Company Section leader at 1st Condorrat. He works for an electrical supplier, Rexel UK, and has been working hard to supply equipment for the temporary hospital at the SECC in Glasgow.

“I would personally like to thank all the other key workers during this difficult time and wish everyone the best of health. Stay safe everyone.”
– Kris


James is a leader at 3rd Trafford. In his day job, James works for Greater Manchester Police in the control room, reviewing and dispatching officers to incidents whilst ensuring the safety of officers and the public. James also volunteers his time as a Special Constable, working on the front line of policing to provide support to people in the time of need. Thank you, James!

“Being a part of The Boys’ Brigade and being a leader has allowed me to develop my leadership and communication skills, which I use day in, day out in my working life. I enjoy being part of a uniformed organisation and providing a service to the public, especially at a time like now when they need it most.”
– James

We have also heard from Alexandra, a leader at 1st Caerphilly, who continues her essential work in a cake factory called Memory Lane Cakes. Thank you for all that you’re doing, Alexandra!

“There is no better time to apply our motto: Sure and Steadfast.”
– Alexandra

Paul at 14th Bolton also continues to work hard providing food for our country. He is working night and day baking bread to keep us fed. Thank you, Paul. We salute you!

And we also have Paddi, Captain at 5th Hull, who is still working as a chemist in the oil and gas industry. Thank you, Paddi!

Thank you once more to all Key Workers. We really do value everything that you do.


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