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Scottish Youth Parliament Elections

Wednesday 6th March 2019

Taking place between 15th – 29th March will be the Scottish Youth Parliament elections. This is an opportunity for BB members and young leaders to vote for their representatives in the democratically elected voice of Scotland’s young people

All BB young people aged 12 – 25 will be eligible to vote for their BB member of the parliament.

Standing for election for The Boys’ Brigade are: Cameron Stein (1st Kirkliston), Shashank Swarna (65th Edinburgh), Alastair Thomson (1st Bearsden) and Christopher Winters (7th Wishaw). You can find out more about each of them and view their candidate profiles here.

Please see the information below regarding this year’s elections. Specific details about the voting process has been sent to company captains and young leaders by email directly. In the meantime, please highlight the candidates and their profiles amongst young people in your BB company.





Hustings ‘Question Time’ Event

Can young people vote twice?

Yes – if they are a member of BB (or a member of another ‘National Voluntary Organisation’) they can vote in their local constituency and for their preferred BB candidate.

Elections process

The BB Elections are taking place online between 9am the 15th and 4pm 29th March. BB young people (aged 12 – 25) will be provided their own unique voter registration number and invited to visit the elections website to cast their ballot during the elections (15 – 29 March). Voting closes at 9pm on Friday 29th March with the results announced live on Facebook at 11am on Saturday 30th March.

Company captains/correspondents have been sent details for members aged 12 – 25, and young leaders have been emailed their details directly. Please contact rhona.drummond@boys-brigade.org.uk should you need further information.

We will be using the ‘Single Transferable Vote’ election system, which means voters will be able to cast their vote in order of preference. During the elections, voters number a list of candidates. Their favourite as number one, their second favourite number two, and so on. Voters can put numbers next to as many or as few candidates as they like.

Voting Instructions

What is SYP?

The Scottish Youth Parliament was set up to act as the voice of young people in Scotland. It offers young people aged between 14 and 25 the opportunity to get involved in the decision-making processes in Scotland and the UK.

The SYP has 200 members, elected from local youth forums or national youth organisations, and from young people who have stood as individuals. The SYP represents and advocates the views of young people in Scotland and aims:

  • To offer young people in Scotland a collective national youth voice.
  • To make a difference in society by increasing young people’s participation.
  • To promote a positive image of young people.
  • To connect the process of policy making and development with young people.
  • To be an independent and youth-led organisation free from influence where young people can give their views to policy makers without hindrance, fear or barriers.

Further advice or information

Please email elections@syp.org.uk or contact Niall Rolland at Scottish HQ.


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