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Scottish Youth Parliament – Elections 2021

Wednesday 6th October 2021

The Boys’ Brigade has been represented as a national voluntary organisation at the Scottish Youth Parliament since 2017.

This year we will have three candidates running to be our Members of The Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYPs) at the elections taking place in November. Two candidates will be elected to be our BB MSYPs for the next two years.

Our Candidates

CANDIDATE 1 – Christopher Winters

See their full profile here



CANDIDATE 2 – Matthew Hunter

See their full profile here



CANDIDATE 3 – Louis Symington

See their full profile here



Why Vote?

As a youth organisation, we want our members to have their say when it comes to who is representing us at the Scottish Youth Parliament. This is also a great opportunity to allow some of our members their first chance of taking part in an election.

How to vote

Members between the ages of 12-25 (Company, Seniors and young leaders) can vote using the online platform hosted by the Scottish Youth Parliament. More information about voting will be shared during October.

If you would like to take part in voting, please contact us and we can arrange voting numbers for your Company.

When to vote

The election starts at 10am on Monday 8th November and ends at 2pm on Sunday 21st November.

A virtual Husting will be posted on Facebook by the 30th of October- please submit your questions to the Facebook page or email below.

For any queries or questions you can contact jenny.bradley@boys-brigade.org.uk

Further information about the Scottish Youth Parliament can be found at syp.org.uk


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