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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary



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Royal visit to Wales

Tuesday 27th September 2022

Their Royal Highnesses The Prince and Princess of Wales today visited St Thomas Church, home of 1st Swansea Eastside Boys’ Brigade & Girls’ Association, as part of their first visit to Wales since taking on the roles.

Over the past two years the Church has been transformed into a community hub, committed to improving the lives of those who live in the local area. The Church now incorporates a foodbank (open five days each week) a baby charity (Swansea Baby Basics), and a not-for-profit café and conference/wedding reception venue.

During their visit, the Prince and Princess spoke to volunteers at the Church as well as children and young people from 1st Swansea Eastside, watched a cookery demonstration and met members of the public outside the Church.

Amber, aged 13, said: “The Prince asked me why I joined the BB. I told him about how the Church has always been a big part of the community, so when BB started here it was a great addition – it has given me lots of big opportunities like this one!”

Lily, also aged 13, said: “The Prince and Princess were both shaking hands with people, engaging in lots of conversations and were so friendly! I was nervous to meet them but they were so lovely and really seemed to care about what we do at St Thomas Church.”

Photo from BBC News.


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