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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

Shining the Spotlight on Young Leaders

For the Summer 2024 programme, we’ve partnered with The Young Leaders Network to create two themed programmes, as part of the young leader’s ‘Spotlight’ week (13th – 19th May).

Our two programmes, The Lost Sheep (Anchors) & Taking a Lead (Company) have been written by a group of young leaders, aged 18-26. This partnership aims to meet two main goals, providing young leaders with an opportunity to use their skills and voice to shape our programme across the UK, whilst also helping to equip and empower young leaders in local groups to take the lead in planning and delivering a themed programme.

Madison Neville, one of the young leaders who helped to write the programme said, “It’s been really empowering getting the chance to write a Boys’ Brigade programme. Seeing the ideas come to life has given me such a boost within my own leader journey. I’ve recently seen one of the cards being used by a group and wow, it was so fantastic to see. I cannot wait for these programmes to be used throughout the whole country!”

One of the programmes, The Lost Sheep, has already been used by 2nd Mid Suffolk, with their Company Captain Martin Gray saying “It was amazing! Easy to plan, the children engaged really well and they shared some amazing insights when asked ‘why do you think Jesus told this story’. They were never bored or distracted and loved the cotton wool sheep game and rounding each other up back to the pen! Well done!”.

Why The Partnership?

Young Leaders have so much to offer, with many of them taking active roles in the planning and delivery of programmes for our children & young people. However feedback from some young leaders show that a number of them feel they aren’t provided with real opportunities to take the lead in their local settings. These programmes are designed to challenge that and encourage as many young leaders as possible to pick up these activities and deliver them, with the support of existing leaders.

What is Spotlight?

The Young Leader’s ‘Spotlight’ Week runs from the 13th – 19th May 2024 and is being organised by the Young Leaders Network. The ambition of the week is to shine the spotlight on young leaders, celebrating successes across the country, and providing opportunities for young leaders to continue to step up into their role as a leader in The Boys’ Brigade.

How Can I Get Involved?

Throughout the week of the 13th – 19th May, young leaders are encouraged to deliver either ‘The Lost Sheep’ or the ‘Taking a Lead’ programmes in their groups. Where young leaders don’t normally plan & organise the programme, it is hoped existing leaders will work alongside young leaders to develop their skills in programme planning and delivery, helping to empower young leaders with the skills and confidence to lead more programmes in the future.

We’re then encouraging groups to share photos and videos from the programme on social media, tagging in @theboysbrigade_ukroi and using #BBYoungLeaders. We’ll be sharing lots of the highlights throughout the week on social media.

Find out More About the Young Leaders Network

To find out more about the Young Leaders Network, the opportunities available to leaders aged 18-26 and how to get more involved, head to https://boys-brigade.org.uk/young-leaders-network/