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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

Outdoor Programme Launch

As part of our continuing support for leaders during these challenging times, we are excited to launch a range of new resources to support taking your programme outdoors.

We know that some Companies have struggled to return to face-to-face activities during the past 12 months and may continue to do so due to not having access to your normal meeting space, capacity/restrictions in using your venue, maximum bubble/group sizes, etc. Whilst there is still guidance which must be followed outdoors, it is clear that from the latest Government and Youth Sector guidance that there are less restrictions in place. We would therefore like to encourage you to consider taking your programme outdoors as and when you are able to return to face-to-face activities and we hope these new resources will support you.

The Outdoor Taster Programme is designed to provide a structured 4-week programme which can take place outdoors, helping to provide you with the ideas and support to run an engaging, balanced and successful programme of activities for children and young people in your Church grounds, local park, woodland or open space.

> Find out more at boys-brigade.org.uk/taster-programme/

We are also pleased to launch the Go Wild Challenge. A set of challenges and activities for Under 11s and Over 11s that will encourage members to be outside and get adventurous, supporting both leader led face-to-face activities as well as activities for children & young people to try out at home.

> Find out more at boys-brigade.org.uk/go-wild/