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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

Escape Room Results

As part of the Spring 2022 programme resources, young people in Company & Seniors have been taking part in a national ‘Escape Room’ competition and the results are now in.

Congratulations to 5th Hull who managed to crack the four puzzles and find the 4 digit code for the padlock in a very impressive 20:18 minutes. We hope you enjoy your £40 pizza voucher prize to celebrate the win.

Congratulations also to all those teams that were very close behind in escaping, with all of our top 10 teams escaping in under 30 minutes. The full results can be found below.

In total we had 50 teams enter the competition. Thank you to everyone who took part. Keep an eye out for our next programme competitions for your group to get involved with.  

Company / TeamTimePosition
5th Hull (Company)20:181st
1st Howden20:302nd
1st Waterlooville A25:193rd
3rd Antrim25:354th
3rd Enfield B25:455th
5th Hull (Seniors B)27:206th
2nd Hamilton A28:087th
125th Glasgow A28:568th
5th Halifax (Elland)29:419th
1st Barnet A29:4410th
7th Coatbridge29:5611th
4th Bournemouth30:1812th
11th Northampton32:1713th
17th Teesside A34:1914th
133rd London35:0915th
12th Inverness A35:4316th
5th Hull (Seniors A)36:0817th
3rd Inverness36:3818th
19th Belfast37:1219th
12th Inverness B39:4020th
1st Chester-le-Street41:1021st
3rd Lane41:1322nd
1st/3rd Enfield C41:1723rd
22nd Luton41:2224th
3rd Enfield A41:5025th
2nd Hamilton B42:0226th
2nd West Kent42:0327th
3rd Inverness42:0828th
45th Nottingham42:2729th
1st Kempston42:5230th
10th Enfield B42:5531st
4th London43:2832nd
10th Enfield A43:3533rd
19th North Staffs45:1034th
32nd Nottingham C45:2135th
1st Oswaldtwistle45:3336th
3rd Kilsyth B46:0837th
17th Teesside C46:1338th
1st Bletchley46:3539th
1st Bloxham A47:3640th
32nd Nottingham B49:1041st
19th Notthingham50:0042nd
9th Livingston50:0343rd
32nd Nottingham A51:0844th
3rd Kilsyth A59:1145th
54th Belfast A59:6746th
17th Teesside B62:5047th
54th Belfast B66:0248th
1st Waterlooville B70:3149th
16th Nottingham72:3350th