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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

Autumn 2023 Programme

The start of a new year at BB is here, as we launch our 2023/24 session. To assist leaders in delivering high quality programme activities to our children & young people, we have launched the Autumn 2023 programme.

The Autumn programme covers from September through to the end of December and provides leaders with 44 activity cards, themed programmes and essential cards. Below we take a look at some of our Autumn 2023 programme highlights.

Head to our Programme Hub to check out all the resources for Autumn 2023.

Autumn 2023 Highlights


A Trip to Mars – Grab your astronaut suit, as it’s time to take a thrilling trip all the way to the planet Mars! Explore the red planet for yourself through games, activities and crafts. Link with World Space Week, 4th – 10th October.

The Greatest Christmas Gift – What’s the ‘greatest’ ever Christmas gift? Is it an Xbox, a brand new toy or the latest football kit? Maybe a two-week trip to Disney World? How about a baby born in a stable over 2,000 years ago? Let’s find out with this themed programme.

Other highlights for Anchors include My BB Time Capsule, The Prayer Cube & Giant Pandas


Poo & Chew – Think you know your rabbit droppings from your fox poo? Use icing to help recreate some of nature’s number twos! Whilst disgusting, knowing different types of animal poo can be useful for following trails and spotting animals in the wild.

Nativity Minute to Win ItTake a journey through the nativity story in this unique and active way. Through a series of challenges, find out more about how the Birth of Jesus came about and what it still means for us today.

Other highlights for Juniors include My Amazing Brain, Hola Mexico & Vote for Me!


Escape Room – Take on our Escape Room challenge and see if your young people have the logical thinking and teamwork skills to escape the room in a record time.

Imagine a Man – ‘Masculinity’ at times can be seen as a negative or ‘toxic’ word. Reframe that narrative by looking at how we can instead make ‘positive masculinity’ flourish. A partnership card with ‘No Knives, Better Lives’ & YouthLink Scotland

Other highlights for Company include Prayer: The Last Resort?, Gladiators & Fitness Post-it Tag


Social Media & God – For most people social media is a core part of our daily lives, but navigating social media as a Christian can at times be a challenge. What does it truly mean to ‘follow’ and was Jesus the ultimate ‘influencer’?

Is it OK? Drink Driving – Roughly 20% of all drink drivers are teens, yet sadly many teens still get behind the wheel after a few drinks. Consider why the temptation might be there to do it and then understand why it’s never OK to drink and drive.

Other highlights for Seniors include Pitches & Putters, Poppy Word Art & Lights, Camera, Action!

Autumn 2023 Programme Webinar

Join us for our Programme Webinar on Monday 21st August at 7pm. 

August’s webinar will see us launch the Autumn 2023 term’s programme, talking you through some of the highlights and providing tips on how to get the most from this latest batch of resources.  

We will also be joined by Claire from Refresh to talk through our ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ themed programme. Our Programme team will also provide updates on our 140th Celebrations & the launch of the National Competitions.  

Sign up for August’s programme webinar HERE  

Further Support

If you have any questions about the programme resources or need any support then please get in touch with us at programme@boys-brigade.org.uk