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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary



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Pray for Ukraine’s young people and their families

Thursday 24th February 2022

We are all aware of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

As a member of European Fellowship of Christian Youth, we will particularly keep the young people of Ukraine and their families at the forefront of our thoughts and prayers.

European Fellowship held their Easter Course in Kyiv in 2012 and, since then, young Ukrainians and their youth leaders have attended many of their courses and events.

We encourage all our BB groups across the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland to remember Ukraine in their prayers.

Rev Leigh Maydew, Brigade Chaplain, shares a prayer:

Holy and loving God,
With everything happening in Ukraine at this time, we pray for children and young people in that part of our world.
We pray that they might be protected in so many ways from the events happening around them.
Merciful God, we pray that the leaders of the world might come together to find a peaceful resolution.


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