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One for All blog – four pronged attack

Wednesday 20th July 2016

Jim Glen is Captain of 1st Barrhead. He explains that efforts to grow the sections in his company require a multi-step approach…

“We adopt very much a four-pronged attack when it comes to looking for new members. We start by getting letters into schools with recruitment material to arrive just before the teacher head back in after the summer break, including posters and leaflets are then in place for the kids arriving.

We also place posters in key public locations, staff room of council offices, medical centre, community notice boards as well as other resource centres.

It has also been beneficial to have a ‘bring a friend’ evening for your first night back including sending each child a personal invitation to return to BB after the summer and a friend invite. Usually we repeat this exercise on first night after the Christmas holidays.

We also attend community events and promote the BB generally – handing out leaflets and run an activity e.g. ran a hupla challenge at a National Children’s day event, attended a local gala summer gala, took a stall at a school PTA fundraising event. “


Learn more about 1st Barrhead by checking out their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/1stBarrheadBB/

You can share your experiences by emailing oneforall@boys-brigade.org.uk

Learn more about One for All and see what resources are available by visiting http://leaders.boys-brigade.org.uk/oneforall.htm


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