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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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What makes a good BB Company?

Friday 9th December 2022

That is what Northern Ireland District asked a few leaders before reviewing and relaunching its Company Health Check over the summer. The Health Check examines what makes a successful Company focused on advancing Christ’s kingdom. Designed on a simple traffic light grading system, it is a quick and easy tool to formulate a Company Development Plan. All Companies in Northern Ireland are encouraged to complete the Health Check with their Chaplain and Leadership Team during this session.

Sections include Church Life & Witness, Leaders, Children and Young People, Programme and Company Administration. Companies involved in the trial said they found it easy to use, encouraging and helpful to start conversations, and helped to recognise what is going well and should be maintained or developed as well as areas that need improvement.

The District Engagement Team is available to assist any Company with this and can meet with leaders face-to-face or virtually.

Download the Health Check at:
(printed copies available from NIHQ)

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