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Safer Recruitment

Thursday 28th April 2022

The minimum age to become a leader in The Boys’ Brigade is 18. Ideally, suitable young people will wait until the session they become 19 to become a leader.

This reduces any issues connected with holding a position of trust whilst their immediate peers are still young people in the organisation. In addition, the summer break allows the time for Safer Recruitment processes to take place including vetting and barring checks.

It is important to remember that “Young Leaders” are not leaders and do not hold a position of trust. Young Leaders are young people aged 14-18 who are not members of The Boys’ Brigade, but support Companies by assisting with the running of an age group. This is often a role they undertake as part of community volunteer requirements linked to an award they are working towards, such as The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Once a Young Leader reaches the age of 18 they must either follow Safer Recruitment processes and apply to be a leader or cease to volunteer in the Company. They cannot attend as a leader until they have completed the Leader Registration process which now includes mandatory e-learning.

It is important to remind everyone that there should NEVER be any unregistered or ‘pending’ leaders working in Companies. A leader can only attend BB activities after the full Leader Registration process has been completed.

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