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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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Raleigh International

Friday 10th December 2021

Following the recent UN climate talks in Glasgow, find out more about Raleigh International’s Re:Green programme and how young people could benefit from getting involved.

Our mission – to ignite youth- led action that creates solutions to the world’s most urgent problems.

With 35 years of experience of working with young people in more than 100 countries around the world, we believe they are vital catalysts of change. Raleigh International believes in equipping young people with the tools they need to develop campaigns which tackle the climate crisis.

Through our programmes young people lead in the conservation of some of the most important and biologically diverse environments in the UK.

Across the UK woodland tree cover has been in decline and over the last 20 years. On a local scale this negatively impacts native wildlife and is detrimental to communities which benefit from treescapes for health and wellbeing, while on a global scale decreasing tree cover is a dangerous contributor to climate change due to the ability of trees to absorb carbon, a harmful greenhouse gas causing global warming.

Raleigh International’s Re:Green UK programme is working through young volunteers aged 18-25, to protect Scottish rare native woodland on the West coast of Scotland. Our Re:Green programme takes young volunteers into the heart of Scotland’s rainforest to root out and cut down the invasive species while supporting with tree-planting and wildlife monitoring.

But the volunteers are not only taking physical action for the environment. By getting involved in the Re:Green programme young people are learning more about environmental campaigning and are taking part in a crash course on conserving nature, building practical conservation skills which they can take with them after the programme.

Through the experience, skills and knowledge they develop on the Re:Green programme, young people are being supported to become nature conservationists not just to preserve Scottish rainforest, but also nature across the UK.

Young people today are leaders who hold the key to protecting the UK’s natural environment. They are the most socially conscious generation ever and are passionate about tackling the challenges we face from climate change.

Jamie Baird
Raleigh International

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