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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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Thursday 28th April 2022

We record below the names of BB members who have recently died. We thank God for their faithful service to the Brigade and Church and their witness in the community.

Bryan Brehaut BEM2nd Guernsey
Walter Brisk10th Liverpool / 1st Thatcham / 2nd Rochdale
Sherry Bruce20th Aberdeen
Eric Chilton1st Cirencester / 4th Hemel Hempstead
Gordon Dixon1st Chesham
Helene Edwards5th Swindon
Sheena Hamilton1st Cleland
Trevor Harvey1st Woodmansterne
John Langdon1st North Surrey / BB Canoe Club
Rev Calum MacLeod3rd Kilmarnock
Charles Redford2nd West Kent
Raymond Shaw22nd Paisley
Andrew Sutton10th North Suffolk
Alan Watts BEM5th London
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