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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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Introducing our Young Leaders Network

Friday 9th December 2022

We are delighted to launch our new Young Leaders Network. 

This new network is an important part of our five-year Strategic Plan and is designed to build the confidence of young leaders (aged 18-26) and provide them with opportunities to grow, develop and share.

What is the Young Leaders Network?

The Young Leaders Network is a platform for young leaders aged 18-26 to be informed, share experiences, build skills and grow as leaders. By investing in young leaders and giving them opportunities to develop, we believe this will help to build the leaders of the future and ensure The Boys’ Brigade can meet the needs of future generations.

The Network was launched in Autumn 2022 by the Young Leaders Group. This group is made up of young leaders who are passionate about championing the views of fellow young leaders and helping to develop and improve the support structure for those starting out in leadership roles within the BB.

Young Leaders Weekend

In October young leaders from across the Brigade came together for our Young Leaders Weekend.

Over the course of the two days, leaders took part in a range of adventure activities, shared discussions around the ‘Gives & Gets of BB’ in workshops and had opportunities to discuss their experiences with each other.

The event will be returning again in Autumn 2023 and we look forward to welcoming more young leaders.

What will the Young Leaders Network do?

The Young Leaders Network has three main aims. These are:

  • To Inform & Support: Via methods such as social media, termly emails and our dedicated Young Leaders Facebook Group, the Network aims to keep young leaders informed of the opportunities and support available to them.
  • To Provide Opportunities: The Network will provide and promote opportunities for young leaders to build skills, gain experience and develop. These opportunities will be designed to help young leaders feel empowered and valued within the BB.
  • To Amplify the Voice of Young Leaders: Amplifying the voice of young leaders by raising their profile, their contributions and the difference they are making. This is also about empowering young leaders to become ambassadors for our work. 

How can I get involved or support the Network?

Young leaders aged 18-26 will automatically receive the Network’s termly emails with details of upcoming opportunities that can be signed up to. We also encourage all young leaders to join our dedicated Facebook Group, to allow them to engage with the Network more and be the first to hear about new opportunities available. 

The success of the Network will also rely on all leaders within the organisation. There are many ways for you to support the Network including:

  • Signposting your young leaders to the Network and encouraging them to get involved.
  • Providing young leaders in your area with real opportunities to lead and develop their skills and experiences in their local setting.
  • Battalions or Districts finding opportunities to bring their young leaders together to help build skills and provide opportunities.
  • Pray for the work of the Network and our young leaders. 

Keep up to date with upcoming opportunities for the Young Leaders Network at:

Find the Young Leaders Network Facebook Group at:

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