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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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Friday 29th July 2022

The Brigade has invested in e-learning as part of our current five- year strategy focusing on improving the quality and consistency of experience for children and young people. A central part of this strategy is supporting and resourcing leaders to continually develop their skills and refresh their knowledge to ensure we offer a safe and caring environment for children and young people.

The first set of e-learning modules are available to complete via Online Brigade Manager (OBM), providing leaders with the flexibility to learn at a time and place of their convenience.

Leaders should complete the Safeguarding and Managing Risk modules immediately if they have not yet done so. This is important as it will help ensure that all our leaders are up to date with the knowledge they need to understand their responsibilities and carry out their role safely and effectively.

For leaders attending Youth Leader Training (YLT) the e-learning modules will become part of the pre-course preparation, and for new leaders the modules have now become part of the registration process.

Find out more about the launch of e-learning at:

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