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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

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Chief Executive’s Advent Message

Wednesday 8th December 2021

As another extraordinary year draws to a close, I am reminded of the words of one leader – “this year has been about focussing on what is possible, rather than on dwelling on the things we usually do”.

What a positive approach to the challenges we have faced. From all that has been shared in survey responses, webinars, social media and in conversations, I know many leaders have taken this view too.

The past 18 months have given us all the chance to look at things afresh, with many Companies experimenting with new formats and embracing new activities. The Go Wild Challenge resources, new programmes for over 11s and the Open To… Campaign have all been about assisting leaders to look afresh at what we do.

As we have returned to face-to-face activities this session, we have also had the opportunity to reflect on the meaning and purpose of our work with children and young people.

As Chief Executive this is something I have often thought about over the past year, particularly when faced with difficult decisions and balancing the financial uncertainties with how best to support leaders. My primary focus is to improve the quality of experience for children and young people, and our five-year strategy sets out the ways to achieve this.

At the heart of our plans is reaffirming who we are as an organisation. At our core is sharing the good news of Jesus and providing opportunities, in partnership with the local Church, for children and young people to develop a personal relationship with Him.

I am delighted that Rev Dez Johnston has been appointed as our new President. Dez is a great communicator of the Gospel and I view his appointment as an important step in strengthening our relationships with the various denominations as we partner them in mission.

At this time of year we recall that the coming of Christ into the world is a story of great hope, a call to keep going and not to give up.

Remembering the presence of Jesus in our lives, it is the perfect time to remind ourselves that our organisation has at its core a message of hope, that is for all of us to share.

With best wishes,

Jonathan Eales
Chief Executive

Follow Jonathan on Twitter at: @jonathanealesbb

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