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Fundraising for Ukraine

Tuesday 10th May 2022

Over the past few months Companies across the UK have been busy talking to their children and young people about what’s been happening in Ukraine as well as getting involved in fundraising to help people. We are extremely proud of these amazing efforts, here are just a few examples…

1st Tewkesbury decided it was important to get involved as they have Ukrainian members in their Company. A lot of people in their area were looking for places where they could donate items to send, so the Company decided to share their own appeal and managed to get four vans filled with donations which was sent to the city of Lviv where they were shared with those most in need. They then hosted a car wash and coffee morning to raise money.

Andrew Baldwin, Company Captain, said: “We were amazed by the outpouring of support and generosity for our appeal and our Ukrainian family were blown away and very grateful for how much had been donated by so many people.”

Seniors at 2nd Bournemouth were appalled by the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and wanted to do something to help. After their weekly BB session, they stayed late to bake cakes so they could host an afternoon tea event the next day. Overall, in a very short period of time they managed to make over £900 which has been sent to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Ukraine Appeal.

25th Stirling hosted book sales in their town and raised over £4,000. They held these on two Saturdays and received help from their Church to keep it running during the week. The Company’s efforts haven’t gone unnoticed as a local support group contacted them to ask if they would be willing to use some of the funds raised to cover flights and trains for Ukrainians trying to flee the fighting, as well as accommodation whilst they wait on their UK Visas.

Fraser Boyd, Company Captain, said: “We made a group decision to use some of the funds to help pay for travel and accommodation, while the majority was sent to the DEC fund, where it was matched by the UK Government.”

You can find our Ukraine resources at: boys-brigade.org.uk/ukraine-conflict-resources


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