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Company Census 2022

Thursday 10th November 2022

Earlier this year we asked BB leaders to complete our first-ever Company (Group) Census.

We wanted to establish a clear picture of where organisation is today that will help shape the support and resources provided to leaders.

It was encouraging that over 800 Companies took part in the Census, representing nearly three-quarters of all Companies, providing a strong representation from across the organisation.

The data collected was independently analysed to provide us with an external check against our plans and ensure that the aims and ambitions of the current five-year strategy are still the right ones.

To read the full independent report visit click here.
A presentation summarising the independent report is available here.
To find out more about our Strategic Plan click here.

Key learning…

  • Opportunities for growth certainly exist, particularly in the Anchors and Juniors age groups.
  • The relative weakness of partner Churches is a challenge, but the data supports the BB as a tool for mission and community engagement.
  • Our greatest challenge is leader recruitment.
  • Whilst there are some geographically based differences from the Census, none are particularly significant.
  • There is evidence of progress against our five-year strategy and its focus on improving the consistency and quality of experience offered to children and young people. Organisational investment in our programme has been particularly welcomed by leaders.

We will be sharing key information from the Census with Battalions, which we hope will be helpful in providing direction for the support they provide to their Companies locally.


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