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Charity Partner nominations wanted for NI District for 22/23 session

Monday 20th June 2022

The Northern Ireland District is currently seeking nominations for a charity partner for the 22/23 session. Our charity partner can be supported by our Anchors, Juniors, Company and Senior sections over the session.  The deadline for nominations is Tuesday 19 July 2022

Those wishing to nominate a charity should first read the Charity Partnership Requirements below for guidance.   

Please click here for the nomination form.  

Charity Partnership Requirements:  Read below or click here to download.

The Charity must be registered with CCNI & agree in writing that all monies raised will be clearly directed to the agreed beneficiaries.

>The Charity is accountable for all monies raised. Groups will send monies direct to the Charity and should receive a receipt.

> Where relevant the Charity will be given the opportunity to speak to BB Leaders in training sessions.

> Review meetings will take place regularly with BBNI staff as agreed.

> The charity should have significant appeal to BBNI members & leaders. Beneficiaries of the charity should include young people aged 4-18. The charity should not be in conflict with the Christian ethos of BB.

 > The Charity will work with the BBNI staff on PR, promotion of the charity partnership and provide digital assets for same.

 > The Charity should create two resource packs – one for under 11s and one for over 11s

> The Charity must be willing and available to visit BB groups to share about the work and impact of the charity, for photo calls for cheque presentations and other BBNI events as deemed necessary. 


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