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BB Mums – Nicola from 48th Liverpool

Sunday 11th March 2018

Please say a little about you and your family?

I work part time for the Methodist Church as a Children and School’s work team leader and train part time to be a Methodist Minister.

My Husband Neil is Captain of the 48th Liverpool Company and my sons, Jack and Joel, attend Anchor Section.

Why do you volunteer with The Boys’ Brigade?

I have volunteered as a leader and more recently an officer within the BB for around six years. I joined to support my husband when he took up the role of Captain. BB is now very much a family event on a Friday evening when we all attend our Parade Evening.

I love being a BB leader as I have seen many of young people grow and bloom to their full potential through the skills and opportunities offered by BB.

Boys’ Brigade provides learning in a fun and engaging way that can be life changing whilst offering the opportunity to meet with God.

Being a Chaplain also allows me to explore a different role – both within my home company and within the Battalion. I enjoy the challenge of engaging children in ‘faith’ and establishing and developing new ways to “Advance Christ’s Kingdom” across Liverpool. Our Battalion parade services often involve escapology, fire, puppets, science experiments…and special guests! Jesus is very much alive…he’s my friend and saviour and I very much want people within BB to have the opportunity to meet with him too!

What do you enjoy most about being a Mum?

This is a really tough question…so much about being a Mum is amazing!

I think that the best bit is when you get home from a tough day and you’re greeted by two smiling little faces who can’t wait to give you a great big snuggle!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received, perhaps from your own mother or grandmother?

Children are a gift from God.

This is so true! Sometimes they are a challenge for us…for a whole host of reasons, but they still are very much a blessing sent by God. That is something that we really should remember.

How does being a mum influence your role as a BB leader?

Being a Mum has made me realise how important BB is to the Young People to attend. I am able to speak with our members parents (often Mums) about their concerns and work ways to help new members to intergrade. Being Chaplain I have found that other Mums from across our Battalion are willing to be open with me and share some personal pastoral concerns.

Being a Mum I want to provide the best that I can for the Young People of my company…as I do for my own children. I find it helpful that my children inform me of the latest trend, characters and crazes so at least a have a vague idea what everyone is talking about on a company evening!

As a Mum myself I understand some of the issues and concerns of ‘new mums.’

And…if it ever happens(!?), what do you like to do in your spare time?

Often I am spinning so many plates that spare time is a realty that a rarely see.

Even though my life is busy I truly value being part of The Boys’ Brigade. Seeing the enjoyment on our Young people’s faces when they achieve something for the first time really does make it all worthwhile! I don’t just like BB, I’ve really gained a heart for the work and even when we move I will be looking for a company to get involved in!

Nicola Langton-Miller, 32, is an officer and one of the Chaplains to 48th Liverpool Company as well as being Battalion Chaplain to the Liverpool and District Battalion of The Boys’ Brigade.

Find out more about volunteering with The Boys’ Brigade.



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