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BB Mums – Lynda from 135th Glasgow

Sunday 11th March 2018

Please say a little about you and your family?

Hi, I’m Lynda McCallum and an Officer in charge of the Anchor Boys and I also help out with the Junior section at the 135th in Glasgow. I am married to John and have two sons and a daughter. My oldest son is in Company Section and my younger son is in Junior section.

Why do you volunteer with The Boys’ Brigade?

I really enjoy being involved with the BB. I feel it’s important to give something back to your community if you can. I was a full-time mum when I first volunteered but had a degree in art which I thought I could put to use with arts and crafts in the section – but before I knew it, I had a uniform and was sent on a training course and the Officer in charge announced her retirement so I was asked to take over!

We have a great bunch of boys who make me laugh out loud and sometimes warm my heart with their innocence. I had no experience at all of the BB as my Church in Ireland didn’t have a BB attached but it did have a youth club, which I attended every Friday night. I believe the values of what the BB are trying at achieve and I love the way they cater for boys of all walks of life and bring them together in a fun yet organised way.

What do you enjoy most about being a Mum?

My children are all very close in age (11 and twins aged 10) and this was quite hard work when they were all toddlers but it now means that they are all very close and enjoy similar things. Days out, cinema choices and computer games are much easier to organise then all the children are a similar age. I mostly enjoy family time together when we all sit down to play a good card /board game. The kids are a great age now and you don’t always have to let them win!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received, perhaps from your own mother or grandmother?

My mum is a big influence in my life. She has always taught me that if you want something badly enough you fight hard to get it. Never back down at the first hurdle, there are always ways around it. That has been invaluable in both my personal and working life.

How does being a mum influence your role as a BB leader?

I think being a mum has helped me become a much better BB Leader. For some of the young boys in anchors it is there first time away from their parents outside of school and that can be very daunting. I know the power of distraction and there’s it’s second nature to me to comfort an upset child and get them smiling again, there’s not much that a Haribo can’t fix!

I also think it’s quite reassuring for the parents to know that I have kids of my own and understand family issues.

And…if it ever happens(!?), what do you like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy baking, watching DIY house programmes and scanning pintrest for new BB ideas!

Lynda is an officer at the 135th Glasgow Company. Visit the company’s facebook page.

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