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Celebrating our 140th Anniversary

The Spring 2023 Programme

The start of 2023 not only brings a new calendar year, but also the start of a new term at BB. The Spring 2023 term covers from January through to the end of April and our new set of resources provide leaders with 40 activity  cards and themed programmes to explore. Below we take a look at some of our Spring 2023 programme highlights.

Head to our Programme Hub to check out all the resources for Spring 2023.

Spring 2023 Highlights


Me & My Feelings (Anchors) – All age groups this term have got a mental health and wellbeing activity card as part of Children’s Mental Health Week (6th 12th February). Encourage children to explore the range of feelings they experience and how we might handle them.

Creation (Anchors) – Take a trip to the very first days of Earth, as we look at the story of creation and how God shaped the world we live in today. Learn about the seven days of creation, what was made on each day and how God saved his best work until last – us!

Other highlights for Anchors include Lego Stamping, Community Explorers & The Circus


BB Around the World (Juniors) – The Boys’ Brigade has thousands of members all around the world, including in Africa, America, Europe and Asia. Take a trip around the world finding out more about how BB differs from country to country. As part of this programme take on our Juniors International Team Games

Kings & Queens (Juniors) – In preparation of King Charles III’s coronation, take a look back at Britain’s most famous Kings and Queens including King Henry VIII, Mary Queen of Scots, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. There’s a whole load of history to unpack in this themed programme.

Other highlights for Juniors include Stained Glass Cross, Wales & The Lord’s Prayer


Criminal Exploitation (Company)We’ve partnered with The Children’s Society to highlight an important topic impacting thousands of young people across the UK every day – Criminal Exploitation. Explore the signs, consequences and support around exploitation.

Emoji Bible (Company) – What if famous Bible stories were told using emojis? Which emojis would you use to sum up a well-known parable? How would you describe your faith journey in just three emojis? Use this modern-day language to explore your faith and discuss how you feel about God.

Other highlights for Company include TV Challenge & Quiz Shows, Homelessness & The Entrepreneur


Fearless & Crime (Seniors)Reporting crime can be challenging. We all have choices on if we report a crime or not, and those choices have consequences. How can we make the right decision? A partnership activity card with Fearless, part of Crimestoppers

The Dream Team (Seniors) – A good team is made up of team members who all bring something useful to the table. Consider who would make your ‘Dream Team’ and what skills you’d want. You’ll need to be selective though, as there are only five spaces in your Dream your Dream Team, so pick wisely!

Other highlights for Seniors include Me & My Faith, Masterchef & Vegan Themed Programme

Spring 2023 Programme Webinar

Join us on Monday 9th January at 7pm for our Spring 2023 launch webinar. This webinar will explore many of the highlights for this term as well as the resources, competitions and challenges included in this term’s programme.

We will also be joined by The Children’s Society who will be sharing a little more information about our partner card ‘Criminal Exploitation’ and providing support on getting the most from this themed programme.

Sign up for the webinar HERE

Further Support

If you have any questions about the programme resources or need any support then please get in touch with us at programme@boys-brigade.org.uk