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Blog: We’ve Missed You!

Saturday 19th September 2020

After a challenging and unprecedented few months, it is brilliant to see smiles on the faces of leaders, children and young people as BB activities resume for the new session.

It is great to see groups starting back up in various ways across the country. We thank our leaders and their partner Churches/venues for all their work in providing a safe return to face-to-face activities or, for groups where this currently isn’t possible, engaging with children and young people by alternative means including by running virtual sessions.

3rd Dunfermline has started back up with a fantastic outdoor programme of activities lined up for their Juniors. Focusing on what is available locally to them, children will take in some historic sights in a night-time walk and will also have a sensory scavenger hunt. The group’s Anchors and Company/Seniors are taking part in virtual sessions until October. The leaders saw lockdown as a challenge to be engaged with positively; engagement levels have remained strong and the team are confident that lots of children and young people will be coming back when face-to-face activities resume.

11th Northampton managed to get back indoors on their return for the new session. Mini golf, a quiz, and socially distanced games were on the agenda, and it’s safe to say a fantastic time was had by all in the first week back!

3rd Carrickfergus didn’t allow the lack of face-to-face activities to stop their session from kicking off! They’ve held a virtual information session for the parents/carers of new members, and have got underway with virtual activities too.

2nd Bath started back up with a programme of socially distanced activities for their children and young people. Following the Brigade’s framework ‘Stronger, Safer, Together’ has meant the group can confidently return to exciting and fun face-to-face activities.

1st Vale of Leven has been making the most of the outdoors with several young people in Company/Seniors taking part in a 23-mile bicycle trip. Along the route of the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, the group reflected on the wonderful scenery that God created for them to enjoy. They will be using a blended approach of outdoor and virtual activities for all age groups in the coming weeks. They are also one of the groups in Scotland to benefit from the BB’s Generation CashBack project, which will help with some of the equipment for their outdoor activities for the 2020-21 session.

We also know that many groups have carried out their risk assessments and do not feel quite ready for face-to-face activities or are in ongoing discussions with their Church or venue provider. The health and wellbeing of the children, young people and leaders of the Brigade family must always be our top priority, and we’ll continue to support groups as best we can on their journeys back to face-to-face activities.

For guidance and resources to assist with running both face-to-face and virtual programmes please visit our Programme Hub. Find out more about our Framework for returning to face-to-face activities at boys-brigade.org.uk/ourframework


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