We are now focussed on how we prepare for returning to face-to-face activities from the beginning of the new session. Of course, we must all accept that this doesn’t mean we will be able to go back to doing things how we did them before. Our new way of operating will look quite different.

To assist leaders, we have developed a guidance framework which sets out the steps that need to be taken to prepare for welcoming young people back to face-to-face activities when it is safe to do so. We encourage leaders to take time to read the framework and guidance, and to consider as a staff team, in conjunction with your local Church, how best to approach a return to face-to-face activities.

The following documents form part of our Stronger. Safer. Together. Framework:

Additional resources are also available as follows:

Programme resources to support Face-to-Face (Socially Distanced) activities and Virtual Sessions including Programme Planners are now available.

ALL Leaders-in-Charge of Age Groups and Company Captains are expected to read the framework and guidance; and be involved in reviewing and completing the Company Acton Log and Covid-Ready Risk Assessment.

On 15th July, BB Headquarters staff hosted a webinar launching our Framework and guidance, if you weren’t able to join us for the webinar you can watch a recording available on our Vimeo channel at vimeo.com/439289162.

BB Companies will NOT be able to return to face-to-face activities (Stage 3) until at least 1st September, and then only if the appropriate Stage (see ‘Staged Approach’) has been reached (as announced by BB Headquarters) and the Approval process has been completed. To enable leaders to get together to plan and prepare for returning to face-to-face activities, leaders will be permitted to meet from 1st August. Such meetings must follow current social distancing guidelines.

We are fully aware that Government guidance is changing regularly, and we want to assure leaders that we will be reviewing our guidance in accordance with these changes. For the purposes of preparing to return to face-to-face activities we advise you to carry out your planning based on current government guidance for your region. To enable Companies to make final preparations and manage expectations we will where possible provide 2 weeks’ notice of any changes to the stage we are operating at and set out at that point specific guidance for your region.

At the current time we recommend planning based on the following additional guidance (this will be updated on a regular basis – last updated 07/08/20):

  • Maximum group size of 15, including young people and leaders. In Scotland this is for activities outdoors ONLY.
  • Social (or ‘physical’) distancing is NOT required for Under 12’s in Scotland for activities taking place outdoors.

If you are based in an area with a local lockdown, you MUST refer to the local guidelines and restrictions in place – in England

You can check the current stage we are operating at online at any time at boys-brigade.org.uk/coronavirus-update/.